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Desert Orthopedics Expansion, Rancho Mirage, CA

Evidence-Based Design in the Desert

Featured Kirlin Fixtures for:

  • Hybrid OR and Surgical Suites: Kirlin Cleanroom Rated, 4100K Exam Downlights: MRR-08530-5000L
  • Recovery Rooms: Kirlin Rectangular Low Brightness, 30°cutoff, 30K Exam Downlights: MRT-04511-5000L

Specifiers: Moon Mayoras Architects, Pacific 33 Architects, and MRC Engineering

Kirlin Rep: SCI Lighting Solutions 

The Eisenhower Medical Center Desert Orthopedic Center (DOC), an award-winning design by Moon Mayoras in 2015, was featured as an example of State-of-the Art Healthcare Facility Design by PDC, ASHE, and the AHA. By 2019, new design parameters were desired and, once again, Moon Mayoras Architects (MMA) in conjunction with Pacific 33 Architects and MRC Engineering were retained to update the Orthopedic Center’s facilities to better serve and efficiently coordinate the expanding demand for orthopedic surgery in an ambulatory surgical center setting.

The project replaced two outdated ORs with six advanced Hybrid ORs and Surgical suites, featuring Kirlin recessed Cleanroom ISO 5 Class 100 rated luminaires (MRR-08530-5000L-41K-MFL), which permitted ideal location and task illumination next to and under the C-arm. Last minute Contractor attempted substitution was rejected because alternative luminaires interfered with C-arm function and did not properly illuminate targeted areas. In addition, twelve private short stay rooms for patients requiring extended observation prior to transitioning home or to an inpatient bed were created and illuminated by Kirlin Exam lights with infection-preventing design elements.

Kirlin recessed rectangular exam lights with a warmer 3000K hue and high visual comfort (MRT-04511-5000L-30K) were selected for the pre-op and post-anesthesia care units. These spaces are now designed with swing capability to accommodate early morning to late afternoon shifts in patient populations from pre-op to post-op demands. In addition, the expansion included twelve private short stay rooms for patients requiring extended observation prior to transitioning home or to an inpatient bed. The rectangular luminaire’s architectural flare and anodized finish of the deep cut-off trim provide a more hospitality-oriented space as the patient advances closer to home.

The design teams found Kirlin to be an ideal partner for accomplishing their goals to use “intelligent and evidence-based design strategies to create healthcare spaces that alleviate environmental stresses and provide a sense of safety, familiarity and control which are essential elements to a therapeutic and healing environment.”

The project is slated to open by the end of Q2 2021.